Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Taking Flight

On Tiffany :Perfect Finish Foundation (DC2),Long and Luscious Mascara,Moon Gold Eylights,and Lolipop Lip gel

You have seen her on America's Next Top Model, I have had the pleasure to get know the real Beauty of Mrs. Tiffany Richardson -Coats. By collaborating with Fashion photographer Christopher Makris who has shot for major designers and companies like Roberto Cavalli, Agent Provocature and Custo Barcelona just to name a few.We got an intimate glimpse at the beautiful spirit of this Top model diva, When Christopher and I work it's usually just the model,Christopher and Myself, this time I kept it all in the family by enlisting the help of my two little cousins Ivin and Duke ages 12 and 14 as our lighting and personal assistants . We had a great time and captured some amazing images. The Boys where excited and having their energy on set was refreshing change. Tiffany is looking to come back stronger and take the industry by storm on her own terms with out the peering eyes of the weekly judges to critique her every move. She had so much confidence on the shoot because she realized how much she wants her piece of the model life!

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