Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bold Color Reigns supreme! In the Wild it is known that bright colors attract attention and potential mates,why not live our life on the wildside. In this shoot I am presenting my new HD collection of colors. colors so vivid you cant help but be noticed!Jasmin is a Black and Cuban born beauty on the rise, she is from NewYork and is gearing up to take the industry by storm with her exotic looks. I am just glad to be able to help bring out her supermodel potential with my Hot new line of products.Let us know what you think?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Living Fantasy

Jasmine Chavez is a Living Fantasy!

This is my latest entry for Bernard Holley Beauty, the website should be up just in time for the holidays so get ready to buy Buy buy!To create this fantasy look we used the following products:

Eyes: Moon Gold ,and lemon lime. and HD Pink

Long and lusicious Mascara .(and false lashes to add more drama)
lips :Seduce lip gel
Skin : Face and body Bronzer

This shoot was soo much fun,it was months of planing since Jasmine was out in California jetsetting and shooting. Dont let the beauty fool you this woman is a real life firefighter! Brains beauty and Strength . I told you she was a living fantasy.lol!I created this Lingerie look exclusively for this photoshoot ,but if anyone is intersted in placing an order please feel free to contact me for details and price.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dafina Fuqua In High Voltage Glamour

Here is a great look for when you absolutely have to be the flyest woman in the room...This is a warning that the meek of heart can't pull off. it says look at me in all my radiance.

Watch Dafina Strut her stuff in this custom made dress and shoes made exclusively for this shoot! This shoot was done on the same night all I did was we did was sweep some of the lilac eyeshadow across the top lid and blended the colors.She is still wearing "Fusion" lip gel.

*make-up tip * Pick one focus point eyes or lips chossing both will result in you looking like you tried too hard. In this case we focused on High Impact eyes and accented with False Lashes .

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brand new Flavor for the season!

Hello everybody thanks for checking out my new Blog. Here is a great look created using some of my favorite shades of "eyelights". in Blue Sky and Moon gold.These colors are exclusive in my line because I believe that you can say everything with an expressive look.The pigments are multicolored with light reflective particles that the camera loves.
To create this look :

1.)start by Rimming the eyes with a black eyeliner on top and bottom to set a dark foundation(this will make the color pop)

2.)Then rim the eyes with Sky Blue Eyelights

3.)Take "Moon Gold" and aply it to the inner corners of the eye and underneath the eye with an angle brush

4.) "Fusion" Lip gel is used to get a shiny pout.

5.) all products will be available on my website www.bernardholley.com coming soon!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bernard Holley Beauty

Hello My Name is Bernard Holley of Bernard Holley Inc. I am a Fashion Designer and stylist in the print ,film and video industry. It is my Job to help my models and Clients look the part in front of the camera that inspires beauty trends . I decieded to Create a line of cosmetics to provide access to the tools used to create those lasting images. My passion is allowing the everyday woman to express and discover her very own celebrity style.Right now I am in the peliminary phase of building the line and I must say it is very exciting! As I choose the colors, foundations I keep in mind what my clients want and need to feel sexy and confident . I try to fill in the holes of what the market is missing in this everchanging beauty industry,especially for women of color. I am also extremely proud to carry on my family name with my brand of beauty essentials that will help to re-shape a new standard of beauty.On this blog I want to post images and get feed back to see what my consumers think and what they need. My Product line will be available soon to a store near you , as well as my new Shopping experience @www.bernardholley.com

" When a woman is provided with the education and tools of success ...she is unstopable!"

...Bernard Holley (Designer/Stylist