Saturday, May 30, 2009

Exotic beauty

On Laressa" perfect finish foundation ,Midsize cake shadow with paint sealant,stardust in corners to add zing shy lip gel and ignite blush and long and luscious mascara

Laressa is an alluring beauty from South Africa who's parents are of indian descent. She represents beauty on a global scale for me.She has appeared in music videos but is now looking to pursue a more diverse carrer in the fashion and beauty industry. She is very soft spoken but her beauty and appeal speaks volumes when she walks onto set and in front of the camera.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Empress

This is Style'on the Impress she is a reggae singer who always gives a great performance.One thing that I find most alluring about her is her ability to perfectly balance her feminine power with a rough masculine enrgy when she Chats like a dance hall Dj. The crowd never expects that booming voice to come from such a curvacious woman. All of her upcoming album project has been produced in the home of famed Reggae Superstar Bob Marley. She and I have both had the pleasure of meeting Mamma Marley who was a very down to earth and grounded woman full of love. We could feel the positive energy flowing through the entire house and imagined what it must have been like with all the music of Mr. Marley around the family playing his Guitar and singing. talk about living a dream. You can check out her music on her myspace page

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Shenellica

On Shenellica: Eyes:Lilac HD loose paint,with stardust eye light in the corners and shy lip gel. Allure blush and Mineral shimmer blush Fairy dust on face and body

This is Shenellica, of the soon to be . She is an adult entertainer @ King Of Diamond's Gentelman's club in Miami. She is a spicy Puerto Rican diva with the swagga of a hustler, beauty of a flower and the body of a goddess. This shoot was taken by Christopher Makris and styled by me using Bernard Holley Beauty cosmetics! Stay tuned for this one ! it is sure to be a hot project with my creative direction and her irresistable assests it's a win win situation.

Pandora's Playhouse

on Pandora: On the eyes :Millionaire eyelights with bluesky in corners. on the lips Seduce lip gel with HD pink loose powder to add high impact color. and allure blush on cheeks!

This Is One of my Clients Pandora soon to be the net's hottest downloadable Diva. This shoot was taken to create a flyer for her Adam and Eve themed birthday party hosted by Busta Ryhmes at the King Of Diamonds Gentleman's club in Miami. Since I am already on God's list I suggested that we cjhanged the name to enchanted garden since Blasphamy is not really my thing lol! But this pint sized diva seems to think she is in good standing with the man upstairs and keept the title. One thing is for sure we got some gorgeous shots!her www.pandora' is comming soon!

Beauty with a purpose!

Partial Proceeds from the sales of Mist (Sheer pink) Escort(Pink Glossy Shimmer) will benefit a local breast cancer organization . This is our way of fighting back with beauty for the unsong heroes who battle with this disease that tear down a woman's confidence and self esteem. As a young business I am seeking sponsorship to aid in production cost of advertising and marketing for this cosmetics line on a national and eventually global level. Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.All models are strictly volunteering their beauty and time to help me bring this vision to fruitiion. now I am ready to take the next step in realizing my dream to it's full potential. I would like to recieve comments and suggestions. all products will be available for purchase on my new website comming soon!

Kiki Barth (Haitian Bombshell)

Ms. Barth and I met at a casting for a hair show last year and ever since We have been inseparable. She is 6 feet tall so it is hard to miss this amazon originally born in Haiti. Kiki has been on a world wind after hooking up with my fashion and Beauty photographer Christopher Makris.She has worked the runways of Bolivia, Bahamas Fashion Week and Miami Fashion week, Micheal Kors ,and Just Cavalli just to name a few. She is now signed with Front management and when some of todays hip hipo artist need a high fashion Diva they call on KiKi for the part .She has been lead model for T-pain,and is being featured in Sean Paul's latest music video as we speak! KiKi is Definitey Miami and soon the world's Hottest it girl!She has also represented her country in a Bolivian beauty pagent in which she won the tiltle of Ms.Congeniality. She is Sexy,Elegant and funny too, what a winning combination!I am soo prouod of all her accomplishments and being able to call her a friend.

Ms. Samuel

On Kia: Foundation DC1 ,Bronze gold and Star dust eyelights. on the lips she is wearing Seduce lip gel and allure blush on the cheeks. and of course long and luscious ,mascara.

This is my latest Beauty Muse Kia Samuel a multi- talented actor/Model in the print film and video industry.You may have seen her "shake her money maker" with Ludacris and Pharrel or Have Rick Ross as her "Superman"acting as his leading lady in video . But there is much more to this feme fatale than her intoxicating looks. Thanks to her I have been blessed to be the lead coustume designer formy first feature film called Haitian Nights. in which Ms. Samuel has her breakthrough performance opposite of Former Ms.USA Kenya Moore.,Obba Babatunda'e, Phyllis Stickney and very talented esamble of cast members. Not only a breathtaking beauty she is also an active soldier who has served our country in Iraq. I have a lot of admiration and love for this multi ethnic beauty who is made up Panamanian,Chinese,Jamaican decsent! Whew, try saying that three times fast lol! With this shot I am going after a major drink sponsor can you guess which one??? Let's just say I blame that beauty on Genetics and Bernard Holley Beauty cosmetics lol!

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Diamond Girl

Look 1 "Blue sky" eyelights,long and lushious mascara ,"fairy dust" mineral powder and "Climax" lip Gel and "Allure" blush
This is my Baby Cousin Diamond and let me just say that the Beauty gene is rampant in my family! lol! Her exotic look comes from our African American/Phillipno heritage.She recently cut her hair to create a more grown up look,but just for versatilty I added a lace font wig . I was the photographer on this shoot and it was fun to transform her inner diva!