Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Lady Named Pearl

Haitian Born beauty Linda (Pearl )Fils aime Is a former Model turned Rap artist. With a corporate background. This Dive rhymes about her master's degree and overcoming struggle . She represents a positive change in music. by empowering uyoung women to embrace their sexiness and femininity. but to also back it with strength and education. Her is a photoshoot created to start a buzz for her latest single Jungle Love. Special thanks to the dream team Christopher Makris Photography and make up by Kendrick Rhammings for Bernard Holley Beauty.

The First Beauty Party

Thanks to my dear friends Julie Mansfield and Claude Postel. I Had the first Beauty Party. It was a lovely evening of fabulousity and fun. Here are pictures of a magical night. Courtesy of Photographer Christopher Makris. Co Hosted by Dafina Fuqua and Adama Wiggan my beauty muses. We recieved alot of good feedback and ideas on how to make the parties more profitable. next time NO BOYS ALLOWED! But it was a night of Kariokye ,drinks flowing ,and some of Miami'sSexiest people. Find pout how you can host your very own evening of fun and education on the latest make-up trends and fashion styling.

Email or call (786) 718-3256