Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Lady Named Pearl

Haitian Born beauty Linda (Pearl )Fils aime Is a former Model turned Rap artist. With a corporate background. This Dive rhymes about her master's degree and overcoming struggle . She represents a positive change in music. by empowering uyoung women to embrace their sexiness and femininity. but to also back it with strength and education. Her is a photoshoot created to start a buzz for her latest single Jungle Love. Special thanks to the dream team Christopher Makris Photography and make up by Kendrick Rhammings for Bernard Holley Beauty.

The First Beauty Party

Thanks to my dear friends Julie Mansfield and Claude Postel. I Had the first Beauty Party. It was a lovely evening of fabulousity and fun. Here are pictures of a magical night. Courtesy of Photographer Christopher Makris. Co Hosted by Dafina Fuqua and Adama Wiggan my beauty muses. We recieved alot of good feedback and ideas on how to make the parties more profitable. next time NO BOYS ALLOWED! But it was a night of Kariokye ,drinks flowing ,and some of Miami'sSexiest people. Find pout how you can host your very own evening of fun and education on the latest make-up trends and fashion styling.

Email or call (786) 718-3256

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sweet 15!

Day Time Diva : On JaNia Perfec finish foundation dw2,Long and luscious mascara,bronze gold eylight.and moon gold eyelight .Mist lip gel and Allure blus glow on cheeks.

On Jania: Perfect finish foundation,soft rose eyelight shadow, aquamarine, stardust and moon goldyeyelight shadows. seduce lip gel and Captive Blush Glow on cheeks.
This is my niece Jania.She is fifteen an fierce, she is now getting into make-up so I figured would do a quick shoot. To me she looks like her role model Raven Simone. When Nia was a little girl she would look at the Cosby show and think little "Olivia" was her. I think young ladies should know that sometimes less is best when it comes to applying make-up. Here are two looks that are perfect for a Saturday afternoon and night out..My little princess is growing up so fast,and turning into a lovely young lady.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dafina Glam Diva!

Dafina Fuqua is one of my favorite Muse's when it comes to beauty and style. Her beauty stems from a vast array of ethnicities in her DNA one thing for sure is that she represents the best odf them all.She has partnered up with me to produce a Tutorial dvd called "The Everyday Diva's Guide to Make-Up Vol.". As of now we are in post production and gearing up to have this project done just in time for the Holidays. Here is a sneak preview of what we have in mind to Glam you up ladies!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Natural Beauty

I was honored to work with fashion and beauty photographer Azwah Sadiq on this shoot with Playboy's first dread lock Goddess Nerissa Irving. She had such warmth and positive energy that radiated as bright as the sun's glow.I think it's about time that "Middle America" can see the light of day,and realize that there is not a carbon copy beauty queen .It is also important to embrace and represent change. I had a blast!Check out more on Nerissa@

Primal Instinct

Diamond Does it again!this girl consistantly nails a shoot with me.I still can't believe I changed her pampers !...Not That I am That old or anything.she is still pretty young at the ripe age of 20. I will not rest until she is working the Parisian Runways. This is a sneak preview of my latest collection.This is an editorial layout is called Primal instincts becuase though shy in person...She instinctivly gives the camera a lense full!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Exotic beauty

On Laressa" perfect finish foundation ,Midsize cake shadow with paint sealant,stardust in corners to add zing shy lip gel and ignite blush and long and luscious mascara

Laressa is an alluring beauty from South Africa who's parents are of indian descent. She represents beauty on a global scale for me.She has appeared in music videos but is now looking to pursue a more diverse carrer in the fashion and beauty industry. She is very soft spoken but her beauty and appeal speaks volumes when she walks onto set and in front of the camera.