Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Classic Beauty :Millionare eylight, Hd ,Violet Shy Lip Gel and Allure Blush
on Our First meeting,she wore: Aqua Marine and Bronze Gold Eyelights with A climax Lip Gel and Allure blush

On April: Perfect Finish Foundation in DC1,Moon Gold ,Blue sky,Millionaire, and Hd VioletLong and luscious Mascara ,Seduce Lip Gel and Alllure blush

This is Christopher Makris's latest Discovery April. He met her on the runway and approached her after the show he called me immediately after and said we have to shoot this girl!I asked him to send me a photo and thats where the magic happened. Our first meeting was a surprise since we where just about to wrap up a shoot with another model,she and her mom came to set and blew me away with her presence.I had one last look left that the other model didn't wear but It manged to fit her like a glove,we set up her shoot for the following day and this is the magic we came up with!April is looking to get signed by a major agency and I am just happy to get her moving in the right direction with these photos that are sure to get her noticed in a positive way.

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