Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sweet 15!

Day Time Diva : On JaNia Perfec finish foundation dw2,Long and luscious mascara,bronze gold eylight.and moon gold eyelight .Mist lip gel and Allure blus glow on cheeks.

On Jania: Perfect finish foundation,soft rose eyelight shadow, aquamarine, stardust and moon goldyeyelight shadows. seduce lip gel and Captive Blush Glow on cheeks.
This is my niece Jania.She is fifteen an fierce, she is now getting into make-up so I figured would do a quick shoot. To me she looks like her role model Raven Simone. When Nia was a little girl she would look at the Cosby show and think little "Olivia" was her. I think young ladies should know that sometimes less is best when it comes to applying make-up. Here are two looks that are perfect for a Saturday afternoon and night out..My little princess is growing up so fast,and turning into a lovely young lady.