Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Discovery

On Vita: Perfect Finish FoundationDC4,Long and luscious Mascara,and Bronze Gold Eye light, Climax Lip Gel and Bronze Glow Blush

This is Vita ,a slender bahamian beauty that was introduced to me by my cousin Diamond, The two of them went to Highschool together and are best friends, I Finally had the chance to work with Vita her very first fashion shoot with Fashion Photographer Christopher Makris. Together we created an editorial submission called Treasures of Africa This shoot will be published in the South American market , Vita did a great job and was encouraged by her loving mother who stood by her side for every frame. She was easily took to each transformation which is a true testament of a supermodel in the making !
She wore some of my favorite looks from my Collection of Spring /Summer Classics and Beauty trends from Bernard Holley Beauty.Check out her shots on the video slide show and tell me what you think!The webstore will be up and running soon so you can get the Picture perfect look as seen on the models.

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