Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Living Fantasy

Jasmine Chavez is a Living Fantasy!

This is my latest entry for Bernard Holley Beauty, the website should be up just in time for the holidays so get ready to buy Buy buy!To create this fantasy look we used the following products:

Eyes: Moon Gold ,and lemon lime. and HD Pink

Long and lusicious Mascara .(and false lashes to add more drama)
lips :Seduce lip gel
Skin : Face and body Bronzer

This shoot was soo much fun,it was months of planing since Jasmine was out in California jetsetting and shooting. Dont let the beauty fool you this woman is a real life firefighter! Brains beauty and Strength . I told you she was a living!I created this Lingerie look exclusively for this photoshoot ,but if anyone is intersted in placing an order please feel free to contact me for details and price.

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