Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brand new Flavor for the season!

Hello everybody thanks for checking out my new Blog. Here is a great look created using some of my favorite shades of "eyelights". in Blue Sky and Moon gold.These colors are exclusive in my line because I believe that you can say everything with an expressive look.The pigments are multicolored with light reflective particles that the camera loves.
To create this look :

1.)start by Rimming the eyes with a black eyeliner on top and bottom to set a dark foundation(this will make the color pop)

2.)Then rim the eyes with Sky Blue Eyelights

3.)Take "Moon Gold" and aply it to the inner corners of the eye and underneath the eye with an angle brush

4.) "Fusion" Lip gel is used to get a shiny pout.

5.) all products will be available on my website coming soon!

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