Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bernard Holley Beauty

Hello My Name is Bernard Holley of Bernard Holley Inc. I am a Fashion Designer and stylist in the print ,film and video industry. It is my Job to help my models and Clients look the part in front of the camera that inspires beauty trends . I decieded to Create a line of cosmetics to provide access to the tools used to create those lasting images. My passion is allowing the everyday woman to express and discover her very own celebrity style.Right now I am in the peliminary phase of building the line and I must say it is very exciting! As I choose the colors, foundations I keep in mind what my clients want and need to feel sexy and confident . I try to fill in the holes of what the market is missing in this everchanging beauty industry,especially for women of color. I am also extremely proud to carry on my family name with my brand of beauty essentials that will help to re-shape a new standard of beauty.On this blog I want to post images and get feed back to see what my consumers think and what they need. My Product line will be available soon to a store near you , as well as my new Shopping experience

" When a woman is provided with the education and tools of success ...she is unstopable!"

...Bernard Holley (Designer/Stylist

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