Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pandora's Playhouse

on Pandora: On the eyes :Millionaire eyelights with bluesky in corners. on the lips Seduce lip gel with HD pink loose powder to add high impact color. and allure blush on cheeks!

This Is One of my Clients Pandora soon to be the net's hottest downloadable Diva. This shoot was taken to create a flyer for her Adam and Eve themed birthday party hosted by Busta Ryhmes at the King Of Diamonds Gentleman's club in Miami. Since I am already on God's list I suggested that we cjhanged the name to enchanted garden since Blasphamy is not really my thing lol! But this pint sized diva seems to think she is in good standing with the man upstairs and keept the title. One thing is for sure we got some gorgeous shots!her www.pandora' is comming soon!

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