Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ms. Samuel

On Kia: Foundation DC1 ,Bronze gold and Star dust eyelights. on the lips she is wearing Seduce lip gel and allure blush on the cheeks. and of course long and luscious ,mascara.

This is my latest Beauty Muse Kia Samuel a multi- talented actor/Model in the print film and video industry.You may have seen her "shake her money maker" with Ludacris and Pharrel or Have Rick Ross as her "Superman"acting as his leading lady in video . But there is much more to this feme fatale than her intoxicating looks. Thanks to her I have been blessed to be the lead coustume designer formy first feature film called Haitian Nights. in which Ms. Samuel has her breakthrough performance opposite of Former Ms.USA Kenya Moore.,Obba Babatunda'e, Phyllis Stickney and very talented esamble of cast members. Not only a breathtaking beauty she is also an active soldier who has served our country in Iraq. I have a lot of admiration and love for this multi ethnic beauty who is made up Panamanian,Chinese,Jamaican decsent! Whew, try saying that three times fast lol! With this shot I am going after a major drink sponsor can you guess which one??? Let's just say I blame that beauty on Genetics and Bernard Holley Beauty cosmetics lol!

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